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Fighting with the COVID-19, we are together!

Making adequate preparations,the dawn of victory is coming soon!


New COVID-19 is sweeping the world, based on the epidemiological transmission principles and hands-on experience of the victory in the antiviral battle in China, with the combined efforts of people around the world, we believe that the virus will be effectively suppressed within 1 month, the companies are estimated to return to normal operations within 4-6 weeks. At that time, market demand will rebound from the current backlog to a blowout state. If our partners can make full use of this epidemic time period, all departments are fully prepared, when the blowout time comes, we believe we will be able to quickly capture more market share than 2019. 


How do our partners challenge the hard times ?

How does Bonacom support our partners?


1. For R&D Department: accelerate the research and development progress.

2. For Production Department:

    Optimize the key parameters of products to improve product competitiveness;

    Optimize the production process to improve production efficiency.

What Bonacom can do: 

    Arrange senior engineer and technical sales staff to take charge the proposal of customer’s parameter optimizations on a one-to-one basis; 

    7/24 hours worldwide without time difference follow-up and professional service.


3. For procurement: with the impact of the COVID-19 and the limited capacity of raw materials, which has led to higher market prices for some raw materials, it is clear that reducing procurement costs and ensuring fast delivery times is a top priority.

What Bonacom can do:

    Give competitive price support;

    Bonacom can unconditionally prepare enough raw materials and semi-finished products in advance based on the pre-purchase order prepared by the customer. Once the final order is confirmed, it is quickly assembled into finished products and test, ship quickly to help customers seize the first market opportunity.


In addition to our professional products and services, Bonacom is willing to provide a certain number of CE certified protective supplies free of charge in order to ensure the proper functioning of the necessary staff in partner's company. Contact us: now !

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