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Bonacom 2020 Autumn Outdoor Expanding Activity

-Casting excellent team to create a brilliant enterprise


Over the weekend, Bonacom went to Huizhou, Guangdong Province for an Autumn outward bound training with the aim to exercise ourselves and motivate each other. We are especially grateful to every colleague who participated in the training, especially the team members. With the joint efforts of all of us, we successfully completed the outward bound training,left a good and unforgettable memory.


On Saturday morning, the guide arranged a picnic for us, in the picnic process, the various groups of cooperation, washing, cutting, stir-frying vegetables .... Finally, we ate all kinds of delicious food. Of course, there were also those who failed to go around eating and drinking. Through the picnic, we improved our mutual understanding and get to know each other better.


After the picnic, we went to the beautiful Tianhou Palace where we enjoyed beautiful and kind Goddess of the Sea, Lin Mo Niang. Right after the beautiful Tin Hau Palace is the real CS, divided into two "Navy" and "Army" teams, the winning team will get most of the prizes, while the losing team can only get a small part of the prizes as a consolation. After four rounds of scuffle, the Army won the final victory and took the top spot. This activity not only increased the team cohesion but also increased the sense of honor and shame of the team. Of course, as a team, we are holding the spirit of "friendship first, competition second" to compete.

The end of the "battle", we will turn to the "beach battlefield", we had a long-standing tug of war on the beach, we can't wait to all go up, but the length of the rope is limited, and finally can only choose fifteen strong. The tug of war ended with the navy winning the game, "peach blossom blossom" as the name implies, the guide called out the number of several, you need several people hugging together.If the number of hugging together is more or less,the people will be eliminated. The look of frustration on the face of a colleague who left the room without a response was like saying "next time, I'll get it" and the panic when no one was hugged was actually more attractive than the game itself. We also took a VLOG together, halfway through the shoot, we all coincidentally shouted our company's slogan "customer first, quality first, persistent struggle, constantly surpassing". After that, it was time for free activities, some people were tired of playing and went to the shade to rest; some were active and ready to swim in the sea; some got together to talk about .... It was so much fun. We left our happy faces on the beach, we also remembered the helpfulness of our colleagues, the extraordinary talent and the silent smiles between us.


At 6pm, we went to the farm we had booked for dinner. Although the food is from the hands of professionals, but always feel not as good as the noon to participate in their own hands to eat, perhaps, the cake at noon is not only the food, but also the tacit understanding between colleagues and smile and quietly grow cohesion.


This is not just an expansion, but a bridge of emotional exchange between our colleagues, and constantly improve the team's cohesion, tacit understanding, cohesion, enthusiasm and participation .... Let's follow Bonacom company to grow together and get better and better.

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